Need vs Leave: Hospital Bag/s

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

List, after list of what to take to the hospital (& a birthcare type facility) is what I needed and what I should have left.

For me:
  • comfy PJ's: make sure the waistband is very loose (I wore maternity PJ's with a large waistband that didn't touch where the dressing was).  The top is ideally button front.  Peter Alexander do a great 'bump' range that I have lived in for the past 7 weeks!
  • toilet bag with everything that makes you feel 'normal' e.g. soap, shampoo, etc;
  • towel: trust me you will appreciate bringing your own when you see the hospital ones
  • maternity pads: I found libra do the best ones;   
  • nana knickers: I didn't think I would need these and my poor husband had to do a run to Farmers (lyric full brief 5 pack). I got these 3 sizes bigger than my normal size;
  • entertainment: I took my laptop with movies & TV shows ready to go. This was great especially at 3am when feeding (don't forget your charger for lappie & phone!);
  • comfy clothes for daytime wear: I actually just wore PJ bottoms most of the time
  • maternity bras: love the Heidi Klum Intimates 'Elodie' maternity range;
  • Abdomend C Section Support Belt: this was great help in binding me back together
  • Metamucil
  • If you are going to birthcare, take a pillow to it on in the car
What to leave:
  • makeup/ hair straighteners: I thought I would have time especially when visitors came. Reality: you barely have time for a shower;
  • warm clothes: the ward & birthcare centre are all toasty warm so all jumpers, fluffy socks, etc stayed in my bag;
  • magazines: I didn't have a free hand to continually turn a page neither the concentration level to read;
For Baby:
  • clothes: take a couple of sizes. I liked that I could dress Miss P in her own clothes (not the hospital ones), hats, socks, etc;
  • blanket/ swaddle cloth;
  • capsule

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