Weeks 0-6: Then there was you

Saturday, July 4, 2015

My favourite advice (& the only thing I held onto religiously) was 'you can't spoil a newborn'. The first six weeks have comprised of meeting Miss P's every want & need as soon as I physically could. It has meant feeding for hours (cluster feeding), changing many nappies in one sitting and being quite housebound while Miss P slept day in and day out on me and Dr Phil, Rikki Lake and Ellen Degeneres kept us company. Slowly we have gained confidence and left the house albeit locally since week 5, we've left the house most days. My phone is filled with cute pics and I took on #100happydays via Instagram. I've signed Piper up for an email address which I send her photos and quick emails that one day she will hopefully read over and smile (same with this blog). Lots of people said the first six weeks are the hardest...yes they were hard, yes I am glad we know each other better but I am still waiting for 'easier', whatever that looks like!

At the end of week 6 Piper:
- is able to control her limbs better (mittens seats, she is pretty much not scratching her face/ head anymore);
- head control is great (she has always had good control of her head, needing little support);
- travels better than when we first tried, although we still need to put her in her capsule when she's asleep if we want a successful trip. 

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