Week 9 & 10: Regression

Thursday, July 23, 2015

"Everything is a phase and this too will pass" has been my mantra this past fortnight. Piper has been super clingy with me and not sleeping the best. We have gone back to a couple of wakes during the night and sporadic daytime sleeping. According to the wonder weeks app she is currently going through a major leap, which will account for this unsettled time. Have temporarily given up her daytime sleeping in her cot (see you later week 8's hardwork) as she wasn't sleeping at all and we had a very overtired bubba. 

With the light at the end of the tunnel shinning bright (...like a diamond), we are emerging from this phase a lot more interactive, smilie and chatty. 

These weeks Piper:
- is a lot more aware of her surroundings;
- stands being in the car for longer (we can now head out with her awake as she tolerates her capsule now;
- loves her play gym and bats the toys with greater accuracy;
- has reached 6kgs!

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