Week 8: SLEEP!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

This week's focus has been sleep...where Piper is sleeping and for how long.  Sleep fosteres sleep - this has been learn't the hard way with an overtired bubba, life becomes that little bit more difficult. So this week we have been really concious how long Miss P is awake (around an hour to anhour and a half seems to be good for her). This week I have also tried to get her to sleep in her carrycot during the day, up until now she generally sleeps on someone.  This has had varying degrees of success. Some sleeps she is fine and sleeps for hours, other times I put her down and within 10mins she is wide awake.  We also attach her carrycot to the pram and rock her to sleep with the shusher.  This too has had varying degrees of success. Sometimes I have rocked for half an hour with 20mins sleep - so annoying! The end of the week has seen Piper spend Thursday sleeping through the night and then sleep through most of the following day. The weekend has been a different story with broken sleep and lots of fussing. Kid's Calm has been great for calming her when she is very worked up.  Piper also transitioned to her bassinet (she has been in her carrycot at night) so we could use the Angelcare monitor - this has been a success. Phew!

Enf of week 8 Piper:
- slept through the night (once 10-6);
- is better able to differentiate her needs through different sounds;
- tracks people a lot quicker with her eyes and head;

15 min period
Okay just sleep here

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