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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thank goodness for the digital age! Being able to shop from the comfort of your couch is a luxury mama's before would not have been able to experience.

Here are some of my top tips from online shops to helpful apps:

Online Shopping:
Your Chemist: great for baby products (e.g. thermometer) and cheaper than most places.
Nappies Direct: quick, fast and they sell large boxes of nappies. Delivery usually the next day and they often have nappy specials.
Thinkwise: the place to buy dry wipes.
Baby City/ Baby Factory: for all things baby
Bella Mama: great range of interesting products for mum & if you're in Auckland, get one of their massages...bliss!
The Sleep Store: all things baby + great advice!

The Bump: great for finding out what to look forward to week by week
The Wonder Weeks: this helps to know when you might be hitting a growing spurt & if bubs may be a bit more grumpy. They discuss the leaps bubs will go through.
Sprout: day-by-day with great advice about all things baby and you

Like with adult clothes, kids clothes although use the same sizes, different brands have different cuts/ sizes.
Smaller Size Brands: 
Cotton On (they do a great newborn size, although Piper didn't fit newborn until she was about 6weeks old)
Country Road
Nature Baby
Marks & Spencer: great quality UK store that ship free to NZ with orders over 30 pounds

Larger Size Brands:
Pumpkin Patch
Teeny Weeny (Farmers)

If you haven't invested in Netflix yet - you should! Great for those middle of the night feeds with one headphone ear in, I have watched countless TV shows at this lonely time.

Support Groups:
The Sleep Store have a New Born support group. Great advice and support from other new mums as well as various expets.

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