Week 7: Growth Spurt

Monday, July 6, 2015

'It gets easier at the six-week mark', does it? Week 7 bore down on us with great force. Miss P had her immunisations (1 week late due to doctors fridge breaking) and a huge growth spurt. The consequences of these have seen week 7 be our hardest week yet. The crying for a reason I am yet to decipher...I went through a cycle of feed (not hungry), change (not dirty), sleep (not tired - although debatable).  Each cry broke my heart, but we persevered. Coming out the other end of this difficult week, our little princess has found her voice and we are now rewarded with chats and giggles that gave us in fits of laughter. We have started to have a bit more structure around our days making sure Miss P isn't up too long (1hour ish max). We have also been trying to get her to sleep in a bassinet during the day (previously she would only sleep on someone). This has had varying success with what seems like endless rocking in her pram to lull her to sleep (nothing like spending 45 minutes of rocking for a 15-minute sleep).

End of week 7 Piper:
- is more effective with her eating meaning it takes her less time to eat;
-  'speaks' a lot with ooooh's and ahhhhh's especially at night when going to bed;
- generally only wakes once (around 3-4am) during the night and is quick to eat, change, eat, sleep;
- is travelling in the car better. She can be put in her capsule awake and stay in there for short car trips (no longer than 20ish minutes), we haven't ventured too far from home yet;
- has grown out of some clothes and is fitting some 0-3 month clothes (no longer newborn);
- noticed Otis (the cat) for the first time 

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