The Transition

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's hard to believe that this was me a couple of months ago. 38 weeks pregnant with our first bubba and completely unaware of what was to come. Yes I had read countless articles on this 'life-changing' event, but nothing could have prepared me for motherhood.

Birth was (as expected) hideous, long, painful and at times boring (with all the waiting). I'm not sure anyone has the 'perfect' birth and interestingly at antenatal classes so much emphasis was placed on everything going to 'plan'. Finally (after emergency c-section) we got to meet Miss Piper.

So seven weeks have passed. I remember lots of people saying the first 6 weeks are the toughest and they sure were right (whoever 'they' are). Not only was the c-section recovery hard, but we had this new little person we were getting to know.

In my working life I have kept a blog for years. It is great to be able to look back and think about how far I had come. It only dawned on me that keeping a recount of life as a new mum would also be interesting and beneficial. My memory is shocking (has always been) so keeping this recount will be great when (and if) #2 comes along! has it been thus far...

The first week was a blur (now). We went to the Warkworth Birthing Centre (amazing facility and beautiful, helpful, caring staff/ pseudo-mums). Meals cooked, 24hr care...amazing! Week two - four we were at home, on our own with this little one. I must admit I did feel like I was stuck in Groundhog Day. Same routine every day. Get up, move to lounge, set up for the day of eating, nappy change, settling, daytime TV/ Netflix and repeat. Recovering from the c-section also meant I was limited in what I could do (& wear *insert PJs 24/7*). By week 4, I was going a bit cray cray. Stuck at home, unable to drive, this new life was polar opposite to my past life.

My midwife stuck by my side for the first four weeks, then we graduated to Plunket. The first 6 weeks have been survival. Do whatever needs to be done to get through. What hormones do are crazy. Crying at the drop of a hat. Often when Piper cried, I joined her. Hearing that little scream breaks your heart!

What got me through:
  • amazing husband: who does anything and everything to ensure I can meet Piper's needs 24/7 (he is cook, cleaner, servant!
  • support: people dropping in and making me feel more 'normal'
  • special friends: those who you can cry in front of and admit everything is bloody hard
So this is the next while for goes!

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